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Parenting: Learning to Let her use her Wings

She is Getting Her Wings and Learning to Fly

Empty Nest

Day 1: This is my therapy as I shed tears of joy for Nia’s opportunity to travel the world as well as tears of sadness in knowing my daughter is growing up and yes she is getting her own wings. So from today until she returns I will write, 
Not everyday, about feelings and how parenting is a complete faith walk and how I am dealing with all of this and some.

Leaving the Nest

And she is off to begin her journey to and through Australia! May God be with her. Thank you all for praying and for the continued encouragement and support. I had no idea when I moved away from home, married, lived in many different states, and traveled to different countries how my parents may have felt. Now that I am a parent I know how their hearts felt, how their tears flowed, how their lumps formed in their throats, and how they were torn for wanting the best for me but aching at the same time as I ventured off to different territories. Well Nia christened me today with all those emotions and I tell you the truth, I now know faith on another level. Faith to believe that God has her covered, that she is His child and He loaned her to us and how He knew her before He formed her in my womb. I have faith as I believe that this moment was written before I ever experienced it and I know that God will protect her and the others and those yet to go and to come. As I learn to pray, I hear myself praying ever more….“Never the less, God, not my will, but thy will be done”.